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September 21, 2012


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Jan26 I have reduced my paper cpuonmotisn to almost nothing by downloading a free PDF generator off the internet. Now when I need to print a receipt, spreadsheet, or some other document, I print to the PDF generator first and then add the document to a file on my desktop. Then, if I absolutely need a hard copy, I can always print it later.This also reduces the amount of chemically treated (ink and toner) paper that you have laying around your house. A whole year's records can be stored quickly and easily on a CD that can be read in any standard computer.

Nov12 These are all pretty good tips. I began hylmierping this year and have increased my mileage from around 20-21 mpg to over 26 mpg. One of the best tips is to accelerate smoothly and anticipate stops so you can coast to them rather than braking suddenly. I'd also recommend getting an instantaneous fuel economy gauge. It will show you exactly what to do to increase miles per gallon.

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